Max Keyboard Black Translucent Full Key Cap Set

MAX KEYBOARD Added Black Translucent Cherry MX Blank Keycap Set for ESC, WASD or ESDF and Arrow Keys

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A set of 9 MAX signature Cherry MX universal translucent clear black keycap set. Our special formulation “Smoke Translucent Clear Black” gives you a distinctive look of black-gray color when there is no light pass-through them. When backlit, this spectacular keycap diffuses the light into a magical glowing effect.


. Fit Cherry MX Switch
. Designed for backlight / non-backlight mechanical keyboard
. Completely blank with no print or legends
. 100% fitment on all CHERRY MX switch mechanical keyboard

. R4/E key cap (1) – to be placed on “ESC” key
. R3/D key cap (1) – to be placed on “W” or “E” key
. R2/C key cap (3) – to be placed on “A,S,D” or “S,D,F” key
. R1/B key cap (4) – to be placed on “Arrow” key
. Plastic key cap puller (1) included

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