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Who is MAX Keyboard?

Max Keyboard is a manufacturer for high end computer keyboard. We aim to provide quality premium keyboard and accessory. We know build […]

Do you have a store / accept local customers?

Yes! We welcome you to visit our showroom in Fremont, CA to browse and try all the awesome keyboards. Contact us at […]

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes, we ship to most countries which USPS service is available. Please add item into cart, proceed to checkout and fill out […]

My order was failed / credit card was declined. What is this?

This means that the Billing Address or Zip Code on file with your credit card company does not match the billing information […]

What happens if my order is returned to sender?

Tracking information is provided with every order we ship via email. If delivery of your shipment has been attempted or if your […]

Does your keyboard feature n-key rollover capability?

Yes, our backlit mechanical keyboard feature full USB n-key rollover. You can press as many keys as possible and with any keys […]

What is rubber o-ring? Do i need it?

“Bottoming out” is a term used to describe when a key stroke is pressed all the way down where the stem of […]