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Keycap Types


Keycap Profile & Size Information

Most Cherry MX keyboards use the same height profile as our replacement keycap,  this is sometimes referred to “OEM” profile. Different rows (R1-R4) on the keyboard have different height and angle slope. Below is the chart illustrate our keycap profile.

Keycap Layout

ANSI vs ISO Layout 104/87-key ANSI layout is commonly used in US, Canada, and Australia (US QWERTY layout). 105/88-key ISO layout is commonly used in European countries and is available in various language layouts such as UK, German, Swedish, French, etc. ANSI layout The red keys illustrate the keys that differ from ISO layout. ISO […]

Keycap Compatibility & Size Chart

MAX Keyboards keycaps are designed to fit most Cherry MX / Razer / Gateron / Kailh / Outemu switch mechanical keyboards. Whether you have a gaming, programming, standard or non-standard keyboard layout, we have the right keycap layout for your mechanical keyboards. Our solid color, translucent and backlight keycap supports the following bottom row layout: […]